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Cross-Platform Tracking: Navigating GA and GA 4 Differences

What is Google Analytics?

If you are the one who is new in this SEO game, let us tell you that what you do, everything for your SEO engagement and ranking will go in vain if you don’t do SEO analytics or, in other words, Google Analytics for your website. 

For your marketing purposes and to get primary analytical data, Google Analytics helps you to do it. It is the one and only and the best free tool available online. (They provide thorough data analysis and save money, too!)

What does it do? Its primary function is tracking website performance and collecting website visitors’ basic data. Through this, organizations can determine their top sources of target audiences to create and execute successful marketing campaigns that generate leads (Product sales, positive lead conversions).

Also, it helps to gather user demographics and track trend patterns of user engagement rates. SME websites usually utilize this platform to gather mainly customer behavior metrics to improve their overall digital campaigns to increase their loyal customers and website visitors.

Now you get the gist of what Google Analytics is! Today, in this blog, we’ll see the updated version of Universal Google Analytics, i.e.,

Google Analytics 4. 

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What is Google Analytics 4?

Google has recently updated features of Google Analytics, and it has redefined the analytics game in history. Here, we’ve observed some of the key differences in this latest version as follows:

-New dashboard layout

-Event-based tracking

-AI and machine learning capabilities

-Increased customization abilities

-Cross-platform analysis

-Focus on customer privacy

Cross Platform Tracking

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has a new feature called cross-device tracking, which lets you see how a user interacts with your website on multiple platforms. This means that if a user visits your website on their smartphone and later on their PC to make a purchase, you can see the whole journey as one. This creates a pathway for you to understand user engagement across all devices. Learn this advanced digital marketing course with Digital Marketing Institute in Thane. 

Difference Between GA & GA4

1) In GA4, hits are tracked as events. It is a beneficiary for outbound link clicks and file downloads for automatic tracking(like what the user is doing on the website more frequently)

2) There are no ‘Views’ in GA4. Now, there are ‘Data Streams.’ Views take data from a property, while streams act as a data source and represent touchpoints between apps and websites in a user journey.

3) GA4 gives a complete picture of the User journey. Universal Analytics only has a feature that shows only views, but in GA4, it can easily recognize the same user if he/she is using multiple devices.

4) Addition of Machine Learning in GA4 

Through this, GA4 can give you more and more accurate insights and even predict user behavior.

5) Customization For Events. Events are used to track specific actions or incidents on your website or app. For instance, you can track page loading, link clicking, or purchases, as well as system behavior like app crashes or impressions served.


As Universal Analytics is gradually phased out, it’s an excellent opportunity to become familiar with Google Analytics 4. GA4 offers higher data collection accuracy than Universal Analytics (UA) and enables you to trace the user journey across websites and apps. Additionally, GA4 introduces new reports and improved Universal Analytics features. Although GA4 isn’t entirely different from Universal Analytics, the new features can take some time to adjust. If you’re interested in learning more about GA4, you can check out the Digital Marketing Institute in Thane, where you can take courses on the subject to enhance your knowledge and skills.

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